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1. What is difference between modular kitchen and tailor-made kitchen?
In Modular kitchen one can select from different standard modules which are of standard sizes and designs to suit your need. One can integrate these modules to existing kitchen. Whereas in tailor made kitchen the platform is build and the trolleys are to be desinged as per the sizes available below. Minute details of the utensils in kitchen can be considered as the trolleys are manufactured for you.

2. What are the varieties available?
Kitchen can be divided as following:
a. Baskets are available in SS PVC Tandem box
b. Main structure material - SS, CRC powder coated, Wooden carcase in MDF, MR, BWP & PVC Foam sheet.
c. Shutter are available in MDF Prelaminated Shutters, Mr. Ply Suede Finish Shutters, MR. Ply Glossy Finish Shutters, Solid wood, Polymer, Aluminium Profile satin finish Acrlic, High gloss acrylic, PU coated, Glass shutter, Solid wood with PU and Veneer.

3. How the designer will work on my dream kitchen?
Our Engg. will visit your house to understand your kitchen requirement and he will design your dream kitchen. You can then visit our showroom so that you can select from the variety of material available and get the exact quotation for your design. This will help you to optimize the hardware to suit your budget.

4. How will you redesign the existing kitchen?
As your kitchen was made as per your old requirements, now the working style and the hardware have change drastically. For this we provide you the whole work under one roof as breaking the old platform, Construction of new platform, Gas pipeline and related civil work, Electrical changes as per new designs, Painting etc.

5. Can we buy separately the modules of tall unit, island kitchen, wall storage units?
Even if you have a good designed kitchen you can easily select from the available modules, items that suits your need. We take care of matching with your existing design.

6. What is the way of costing?
The costing is on the basis of bill of materials i.e no lump sum charge, pay for what you take. This facilitates the efficient use of your budget.

7. What is the delivery period?
Delivery period will be 15 to 30 days depending on the material selected. This will be from the day the payment is released as per the payment terms.

8. What type of work will be carried out in our home?
All the work is in the form of assembly so no major cutting and dust related work will be there on site.

9. What is included in warranty and what after that?
Cabinet, doors, panels, drawer fronts: 3yrs warranty, Work tops: no warranty, Electrical Appliances, tap sinks: manufacturer's warranty, Hettich hardware and accessories: lifetime functional warranty.

10. Terms and conditions: What are the payment terms?
Payment has to made in the step of 50-40-10 i.e. 50% Advance, 40% at the time of delivery and remaining 10% after completion. No verbal communication will be entertained. Order once placed cannot be cancelled.